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Dock Levelers
Dock & Door Guards/Shelters

Dock lifts, levelers, seals & shelters are available in a wide range of sizes and lifting capacities to accommodate a variety of loading dock sizes and applications. Lifts and levelers can eliminate the need to manually transfer cargo from the trailer bed to the ground, while improving productivity, safety, and efficiency at all loading bays. Dock seals and shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.

Dock Levelers Dock & Door Guards/Shelters
Blue Giant

Frontier Forklifts is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Blue Giant material handling and warehouse equipment for Southeast Texas. Blue Giant is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality warehouse equipment, including, but not limited to, industrial fans, dock levelers, dock and door guards, door seals and shelters, vehicle restraints, and dock system touch controls. Contact our Sales Department today to schedule an environmental survey or to request a quote on the quality warehouse equipment that suits your needs.

Commercial/Industrial Fans

By improving airflow, our fans regulate internal temperatures to such a degree that heating and cooling costs decrease. Properly managed airflow makes employees more comfortable, which translates into higher productivity, improved morale, and better health. We have a number of innovative air solutions to suit all applications.

  • Commercial/Industrial Fans

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints are simply designed, easy to use, and can apply up to 35,000lbs (15,875kgs) of restraining force to keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock. They safeguard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep, and trailer walk, and require minimal maintenance.

  • Vehicle Restraints