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ROAD SERVICEOur service vehicles are each equipped with satellite Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and can be dispatched based on their immediate geographical location. 80% of our service calls are repaired at the customer’s location. Our vehicles stock a wide variety of forklift parts for all makes and models of lift trucks therefore resulting in a high first- call service completion rate. Servicing equipment at the customer’s location reduces both down-time and transportation charges and keeps the customer accurately informed on the status of the repairs.


DAILY FORKLIFT INSPECTIONSDid you know OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least daily before being placed into service? Before the lift truck is put into service, several items must be inspected including tires, chains, mast, forks and several other parts that must be deemed safe and in proper working order. Let Frontier Forklifts help! We have an excellent forklift inspection checklist for you to download. Our customers’ productivity and safety are always our top priority!
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FlyerDaily Inspection Checklist for Internal Combustion Forklifts

FlyerDaily Inspection Checklist for Electric Forklifts

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These are what separates Frontier Forklifts from the competition. Our Customers can contact our Service Department 24 hours/day via Telephone, Email or Mobile Phone App. Our average response time is 2 hours and our labor rate is, on average, $12-$20 per hour LESS than our competitors! We take pride in the fact that we have a reputation of providing quality service and customer satisfaction — Because Our Customers Make Us Who We Are!



Occasionally, complex repairs will need to be transported off-site and into our shop. In-shop repairs are marked as priority and completed efficiently in order to reduce down-time for the customer. If your unit is brought into our shop, we can offer reduced rental rates on replacement equipment while your equipment is being repaired. If the customer’s unit is being serviced and our technician identifies unanticipated problems, we will contact the customer before moving forward with the additional work.


TRAINED & CERTIFIED TECHNICIANSWe pride ourselves on maintaining a staff of highly-skilled certified technicians available to meet the needs of our customers. Our technicians have over 100 combined years of experience working with all makes & models of material handling equipment. Since we strive for the best in customer service, we make sure our technicians are continuously educated and kept up-to-date on the industry’s ever-changing technology. We send our technicians all over the country for training in order to ensure that they are kept educated and updated on the newest technology and are qualified to accurately diagnose and service all makes and models of equipment. We take pride in instilling the idea that our Customers are the most important part of our company, so our Service Department provides our technicians with monthly service updates and Lunch & Learn Safety topics. In addition to our monthly meetings, our technicians are also required to attend quarterly in-depth safety meetings covering various job-related topics.

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